Cut Out King
Coloured Girls original image Coloured Girls new image
Picture credit: Unsplash
King and Queen original image King and Queen new image
Table Food original image Table Food new image
Honda VFR original image Honda VFR new image
Picture credit: Andrew Rice
Models original image Models new image
Honda 350 original image Honda 350 new image
Picture credit: Andrew Rice
Ferrari original image Ferrari new image
Bicycle Girl original image Bicycle Girl new image
Better Girl original image Better Girl new image
Picture credit: Erik Lucatero
Honda Africa Twin original image Honda Africa Twin new image
Picture credit: Andrew Rice


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To illustrate some of what can be done with image manipulation this page offers a few examples of cut-outs. Many publications and/or websites will cut out the subject of their pictures to apply consistent backgrounds. These backgrounds can tie-in the look and feel of publication conforming to the visual design. Not only adding uniformity to a design but also creating “viewer” focus (no distracting backgrounds). It’s utilised by graphic designers and advertising industries alike to good effect.

Photo of Me

Andrew Rice

My background is in Graphic Design (BTEC in Graphic Design & Print Origination), starting working life producing graphics and brochures for the print industry. This is why I refer to myself as a Full Stack Web Developer “+” these days. The plus, being the graphic design background and years spent in different graphic design and advertising agencies.

I must say I miss the finer control over typography that print work afforded me, however I have learnt many trickeries to attain the same professional results on the web.

I LOVE photo manipulation in Photoshop from regular Photoshop cut-outs as witnessed on this page to photo montages and manipulation.

I still enjoy print work! The mainstay of my work these days is the production of websites and I’ve gained extensive knowledge of SEO, HTML e-mail production, Google account administrations, Professional e-mail signatures (the ones that do not appear as annoying attachments), CMS systems including Wordpress & Surreal, I code in W3.css, HTML5, PHP & Javascript etc. Oh, and having worked on Macs since ’85 I’m an excellent troubleshooter & technical support for macs.


Click on the images to load the cut-out versions

King and Queen
Table Food
Honda VFR
Honda 350
Bicycle Girl
Better Girl
Honda Africa Twin



  • Professional cut-outs
  • Photo montage
  • Web Optimisation
  • Colour correction
  • Web animations
  • Print ready photos
  • Logo design


  • 3D photography


  • Optimised movies for web delivery

HTML e-mail Campaigns

  • Complete campaigns managed
  • Design of attention grabbing HTML e-mails
  • High click rate graphics
  • Managed GDPR compliant databases
  • Provision of statistical analysis

Graphic Design

  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Leaflets
  • Logos
  • Adverts

Full Stack Web Developer

  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting
  • cPanel
  • e-mail
  • Website Coding
  • SEO

Responsive Website Design

  • Crafted sites for viewport sizes
  • Optimised graphics for web delivery
  • Creative bespoke designs
  • SEO
  • Social Media integrations

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